Why Italy must scrap the €100 million pension tax and tax on high earners

Football Italiano – 26.12.2015 04:06:49The new law that was passed on Friday by the Senate and approved by the Chamber of Deputies is expected to raise €2.7 billion in revenues over the next two years, a sum that could cover the retirement of the current pension scheme of €90 billion.

But the tax on the highest earners will be doubled, and that tax will also apply to pensions of people who earn more than €100,000 per year.

The new tax has been controversial and some have been concerned about the long-term consequences, but there is also concern that the tax would affect companies and companies will not pay as much as they should.

The Finance Ministry estimates that the new tax will raise €3.3 billion in the first year, but the main concern is the impact on the companies that have already been taxed in previous years.

This is a significant increase, but we have to be careful about the future.

This is a very important change that will be a very significant change.

In a couple of years, the pension scheme is going to have to pay a very big bill, in terms of what it will cost and how it will affect the companies and people.

The government will have to take a very hard look at the impact of this change.

We need to get this right, because we have been talking about this for the last two years.

I want to see this legislation approved, and I want the people of Italy to be able to go to work and live and play in peace.