When the old pension plan was abolished: The truth about the ‘pension gap’

I am in a relationship with my wife, and she is in a romantic relationship with another woman.

She is also on a pension.

She has the right to decide whether or not to retire when she gets to her 60th birthday, and we do not want to do that.

We don’t want to lose her job.

So we are in this position, where we are either in a financial straitjacket or are in a marriage where the two of us are financially unable to live apart, financially.

And we are both thinking, ‘Why would we ever want to get married again?’

When we decided that we wanted to be single again, we went out and found someone that was on a similar pension.

And when we were ready to marry again, I was ready to say, ‘Let’s get married, let’s get together and make it work.’

What I found was that people would really, really want to see a happy marriage again.

There was a lot of interest in my story.

A lot of people were saying, ‘I’ve been looking at this story and I think this could be the answer to my question.’

I don’t know if it is the answer, but I think it is an important one.

If I get married this time, I will have a better understanding of what the pension gap is, and it will help me in the decision-making process of deciding if I should be financially able to retire.

The pension gap has existed for decades, and the truth about it is that the vast majority of Australians are still living in a state of financial insecurity, despite the fact that many of them have had the benefit of a strong pension system.

Pension reform is the key to addressing this problem.

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