How to avoid a hotel pension in Australia

The federal government says it will review the way the state’s hotel pension system is managed in an attempt to protect its workers from the dangers of the “death spiral” that has led to a spike in hospital bed closures.

Key points:The Government is recommending changes to the system that would limit the amount of money workers receive from the state pension fundIf the changes are approved, the state would be required to make further changes to help ensure workers are protected from the risks of the death spiral that has seen a spike of hospital bed closings over the past two yearsThe proposal is likely to come as a shock to many residents of state-run hotels, where a major source of income comes from the payments made by the state and federal governments to hotel operators and the hotels themselves.

The Queensland government has also come under fire for its treatment of hotel operators, with a scathing audit finding they were paying their operators an average of $1.5 million a year in compensation, including bonuses, while they were facing major funding cuts.

The Government said it would review the pension system to help protect the workers.

“We’re also looking at how to make sure that workers are receiving a fair share of the funds that they’re receiving,” Labor’s energy and resources spokesman Scott Emerson said.

“But at the same time, we’re also mindful of the fact that in the current environment we are facing, that there are a lot of pressures that are going on.”

Mr Emerson said the Government would also look at changes to how the state pays out pension payments to hotels.

“The problem is that these pension payments, these hotel pension payments are being made at a rate that is almost entirely out of the reach of workers,” he said.

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