Which NBA players have been diagnosed with cancer?

The NBA Players Association has officially announced that seven NBA players are suffering from cancer and will be forced to retire.

The players, along with a handful of players from other leagues, were diagnosed with a rare form of the disease, called non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, in late June.

NBA players were not allowed to be on the court during this time period, and were also not permitted to participate in their teams’ playoff games.

“These are devastating news for the NBA and our players, and for the millions of people who support our game and the people of the NBA, who depend on the players we support,” said NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts.

“The NBA and the players organization are taking immediate steps to ensure that these players are healthy and can continue to play.

The NBA will be working with its doctors and other experts to ensure their well-being and that of our players.”

NBA Players Alliance President Scott Perry told reporters on Wednesday that all players would have to make their decision within the next three weeks.

“We’re going to make the call as soon as we have the news, and we’re going with that decision as quickly as we can,” Perry said.

“There’s a great deal of anxiety and stress around this decision.”

While the NBA will have to wait for the news before it can make a final decision, the players are hoping that the NBA’s unprecedented suspension of the team will provide some solace.

The league suspended the entire team for two games and fined the players $5 million for their involvement in the case.

In addition to the players, the league suspended former Houston Rockets star Dwight Howard, who has been on the mend since being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in April, and the former Minnesota Timberwolves forward Brandon Roy.