What are the pensions of the Italian footballers?

The 2018-19 Serie A season has seen some remarkable performances and a host of players have been named in the FFP Player of the Year.

One of them, a young Italian player named Simone Varela, will now turn 19 in November.

He has already earned a contract worth over €25m.

The next year he will be making his debut for Juventus, and it’s expected he will start at the club.

If not, the contract could be worth €5m, which would be the equivalent of Varella’s current wages.

This is just the start of a big salary gap between Vareella and his team-mates.

Varello has already turned 19, and he’s only going to get better.

He is the young Italian talent of the 2018-2019 season, and a massive investment in him will be rewarded.

This article is an extract from the new book ‘The Biggest Secret: Inside Italy’s Secret World of Big Footballers’, by Peter Scharfenberg, which was published by Penguin in November 2019.