Why I got rid of my $3,000 pension fund

I used to save for retirement every month, even as my income was rising and my bank accounts filled up.

My father was the main breadwinner of our family, and I had to help out in the kitchen with all the cooking and cleaning.

But when I reached retirement age in 2008, the money that I had saved was suddenly gone.

I started feeling like I had lost a lot of it, even though I was making a good living as a software engineer.

I was feeling like a burden to my parents and to my kids, and the feeling was mutual.

I had made a few investments, and decided to get a real job, but I had no money to buy anything, so I just kept saving for retirement.

When I started seeing a doctor for a heart condition, I asked him about my retirement savings, and he told me to stop saving.

He suggested I go and look for a job, since I was in no shape to retire.

I went to look for work, and that’s when I realised what my parents had done.

I have never lost my 401(k) or IRA account, nor any money that is currently invested.

I don’t know if my parents have lost all their money, or if they have invested the money in a different form.

I have lost my parents’ money, and my own.

My parents used to say, “It will never be ours, and we’ll never have the money to take care of our children.”

The problem is, our children can’t take care to themselves.

They are our future, and they deserve a fair and adequate retirement.

I want to help my children have a better life.

I also want to save a lot for my own retirement.

For that, I need the money I saved for my parents, so my father will be happy.

My parents were very proud of me when I started going to college, and now they want me to join their extended family.

I hope to be able to earn a lot and earn a fair share of my income from my parents.

My goal is to retire with the same level of financial security as my parents did.

I am determined to get rid of the burden on my parents for all their hard work.