‘Austerity means a new generation of Irishmen’

Jhālín Mac Keogh and Eoin Ó BhFáilín are in the midst of an extraordinary week.

MacKeogh is a TD for the south-west of the island, a place he has campaigned for years.

Ó BhFáinín is a local member of the Dublin North-West TD group and an outspoken critic of the current political climate.

Both are being challenged by a new party that wants to win support from the old guard and replace the old political system with a new one.

They are the first Irish politicians to be officially endorsed by the new Irish People’s Party, or IPP.

Its founder, a former Labour councillor and member of Dublin City Council, is the party’s new leader.

The IPP, founded by former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, has so far attracted support from only one constituency.

The IPP is campaigning to make the right changes to the system.

It is not an independent party but it is backed by a cross-party coalition of the two main political parties.

The party is led by former Fine Gael and Labour councillor, Eoin MacCarthy, and is backed on social media by former party leader and Sinn Fein MEP, Joan Burton.

They argue that they will be the party to bring about a change in political direction for Ireland.

This new party is a reflection of the fact that the old system is broken.

The people of Ireland are fed up with the austerity policies of the Government and they are fed out with the fact the people have to pay for their welfare payments, the cost of health and education, and the cost for pensions.

The only solution is to reform the political system and the IPP are the solution.

“It’s a new era in Irish politics.

It’s not a new political party but an entirely new era of Irish politics,” MacKeogh said.

The old system was set up by the government of the day, but the IPV is the first to see the political changes which are coming.

“This is a party that has been campaigning for a long time on social justice and social equity issues,” he said.

“There’s an old political tradition in Ireland where you can’t have it both ways.

There are going to be some who will say that the IPPs success is because of the political donations from the Government. “

This is the time when we have to start looking at how we can get the best of both worlds.”

“There are going to be some who will say that the IPPs success is because of the political donations from the Government.

But that’s not the case at all,” he added.

The IPA is backed mainly by the Socialist Party, the Irish Republican Alliance, the Communist Party and the People Before Profit party.

The other parties that have endorsed the IPVP are the Democratic Unionist Party, Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein and the Green Party.

The new party has pledged to be the only one to win the elections on June 25, but has already secured a few endorsements from the parties it has chosen to endorse.

“I’ve got support from all these parties.

We’ve got a new leader who’s not necessarily from one party but from many,” MacCarthys spokesperson, Ciarán O’Brien, told The Irish Sun.