What’s the best pension for a police officer?

In many cases, the pensions of police officers are more than sufficient for the type of work they do.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll be well-off in retirement.

The average salary for a Chicago police officer is $80,000, and the city has a police pension fund that’s roughly $7 billion.

That’s a big chunk of money for a city with fewer than 3,000 officers.

For police retirees, that means the city is paying an average of $3,100 per year to their current employer, according to the Cook County Board of Education.

The pension for officers who retired in 2012 and 2013 would be a bit less.

That means their pension would pay them $6,500 less per year than it would if they retired in 2015.

This means that police officers with the highest pension payments will get the most.

Those who retire in the early 20th century would get the largest pension payout, but they’d pay a bigger chunk of the costs of their retirement, according a 2016 report by the National Association of City and County Retirement Administrators.

The best pension plan The most popular retirement plan for police officers is the Teamsters’ Pension Plan, which provides for a 10-year plan and raises the retirement age for police.

But there’s also a much better plan for retired police officers, one that comes with higher benefits.

Chicago’s pension plan is the city’s largest.

It’s managed by the city and the Police Department.

For police retirees in 2015, the average annual pension was $90,000.

But this was down from $102,000 for police retirees retired in 2010.

The difference was due to an increase in the number of retired officers who joined the force.

The Police Department also increased the retirement ages for retired officers in 2017.

It is the same as for police in the city.

A retired Chicago police sergeant receives $72,000 in benefits.

The next highest-paid retiree in 2015 was a retired Chicago firefighter.

The retiree with the lowest annual pension payout in 2015 is a retired police officer.

The retired officer who retired at the highest salary received a $16,000 pension.

As you can see, the retired officer with the biggest pension is not one who retired with the best retirement plan.

The police officer who received the most benefits received the highest payout.

The retired officer earning the least salary received the lowest pension.