Korakia pensioner says he won’t quit pension

CAROL HORNE, 68, said he would continue working as a nurse and retire at the end of his contract, but he will not leave the pension he’s receiving.

“I’m retiring from my pension and I don’t want to leave,” he said.

The pensioner, who has been working at Korakia hospital for 25 years, said it was difficult for him to find work in a nursing home where he has been able to work from home and spend time with his family.

Horne said he’s been told by the hospital that he will receive a pension of $1,100 a month if he works for another employer.

But he said that if he chooses to continue working, he will need to earn at least $2,500 a month to qualify.

When asked if he’s worried about the future, Horne said, “No.”

He said he has never seen anyone in Korakia who was unemployed.

He has worked in Korakias office and said he was always offered work.

“There’s a lot of people there that were working.

There was a nurse in Korakinas office, there was a cook,” Horne, who is also an engineer, said.

He said that many people he knows have been offered work but that they’re afraid to take it because of their pension.

As a nurse, Hornecke is able to take care of people who need to be treated by him and he said he sees patients regularly.

He is the only one of the nurses on staff who earns enough to pay for their own healthcare.

Horganne said that he has had to take time off work for medical reasons.

For now, he’s saving money to retire at a nursing facility, but said he is considering moving elsewhere to help pay for his retirement.

His sister, Helen, is also retired and she’s looking to retire in a few years.

She said she believes she could be able to retire on her own.

She’s not worried about going back to Korakia and said that she wants to retire there to help people like herself.

“I want to help Korakia, but also Korakia’s children and Korakia,” she said.

“I want Korakia to be happy, so I’m going to keep going.”