How to get a job as a teacher in Texas

Teachers are not just in trouble in Texas.

In fact, they’re in for a nasty surprise when they go on strike.

Here’s how to find a job.


Find a good job: Texas teachers are under a state of emergency.

There are about 16,000 teachers who are on the job and many of them have been laid off as part of the state’s massive pension overhaul.

That means they have to find work.

A good job is one that pays at least $60,000 a year.

Here are the best ones.

The Dallas Morning News offers this list of jobs to help you get your foot in the door: -Dallas Public Schools -Dallas Community College -Fort Worth Public Schools, Fort Worth Public Library -Dallas State Capitol -Fort Bend County Schools -Fort Hood Public Schools.

-North Texas Community College, North Texas Community Academy.

-Citizens Credit Union, Community Credit Union of Dallas, Community Bank, and the American Red Cross.

-Dallas International Airport, Airport Authority, and other non-essential personnel.

-City of Dallas Parks, and Park Districts.

-Barton County Courthouse, Dallas County Courthouses, and City of Dallas Libraries.

-County Court, County Court Clerk, and County Courts of Appeals.

-Fort Riley Police Department, Fort Riley Police Station, and Fort Riley Fire Department.

-Parker County Sheriff’s Office, Parker County Sheriff Headquarters, Parker Police Department and the Dallas County Sheriff.

-State Capitol Police, State Capitol Police Headquarters, and Dallas County Public Schools and the Texas State Capitol.

-Arlington County Sheriff, Arlington County Sheriff Office, Arlington Police Department Headquarters, Arlington Fire Department Headquarters and the Arlington Fire Marshal.

-Houston Independent School District, Independent School Services, and Arlington Public Schools headquarters.

-East Dallas Public School District Headquarters and headquarters of the East Dallas Independent School Board.

-West Dallas Public Schools Headquarters and district headquarters of East Dallas High School District.

-Waco Public Schools’ headquarters and headquarters for Waco Unified School District headquarters.

1 of 20 Full Screen Autoplay Close Skip Ad × Teacher protests over teachers’ pay in Texas View Photos Teachers are facing a nationwide teacher strike that could affect millions of children and communities.

Caption Teachers are being paid about $15 an hour less than they were under the state of Texas’ new teacher contract.

The Texas Tribune and the Associated Press teamed up to put together this interactive map of the pay gap.

The map shows how much teachers have earned and how much they would get if they worked for the average hourly wage of the average worker in Texas under the new contract.

1/20 Texas Teachers’ Union strike: Workers at a Texas school system are protesting a proposed teachers’ contract that they say makes them less than $15 per hour.

The strike is affecting hundreds of thousands of teachers across the state.

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