When pension liabilities are no longer your friend – how to save your money

When your retirement savings are in the red, and your company has cut you out of the mix, you can find ways to pay for your lifestyle. 

Here are some of the ways you can start making money in retirement.


Invest in a pension fund For many, it’s easy to dismiss a retirement plan as a waste of time.

But if you’ve got a pension, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to make a difference.

The first thing you need to understand is that you don’t just pay for the cost of your pension when you retire.

You also pay into the pension fund and get a percentage of your income as well. 

You pay your employer for your pension contribution The pension fund is a part of the pension system, and is an investment in the future.

The fund is invested in a particular stock, company or industry. 

It’s like an insurance policy.

You pay into it and it’s backed by the value of the stocks or industries it’s invested in. 

The fund can have an investment yield of 5% or higher, so investing in it will pay off handsomely. 

For example, a 5% yield is a huge benefit, especially if you invest in a company that has an 80% or more return. 

A 5% interest rate on a $100,000 investment is a good investment strategy Investing in a fund with a 5-6% yield means you’ll get a better return over the long term, because your investment returns will be more predictable and you’ll have more flexibility when you need a loan to cover your expenses. 

 In fact, you’re not just paying the 5% rate, you pay the 5.5% rate on the first $100 you invest. 

This means you can get back more money in the long run, even if your investment portfolio isn’t as diversified as it used to be. 

What’s a pension? 

The term ‘pension’ is usually associated with government-sponsored retirement plans.

These plans are funded through tax-advantaged contributions, so if you want to make sure you don