What is the disability pension?

What is a disability pension and how is it different from a pension?

A disability pension is a financial asset, similar to a pension but for a disability.

In this case, the asset is the amount of money that a person has to put aside.

The difference between a disability and a pension is that the disability is based on a physical disability, whereas a pension can be based on an intellectual disability, emotional disability, or other type of disability.

When it comes to making a disability payment, the person is required to provide evidence of a disability such as a doctor’s note or other medical document, as well as proof of the person’s age.

In a disability case, however, the burden of proof is on the person.

To make a disability claim, the claimant needs to provide the following: a letter from a doctor stating that they have a physical or mental impairment; a letter stating that their disability is physical or a mental impairment and a letter attesting to the existence of that disability and explaining the benefits that a disability may bring to the person; and a medical certificate from a hospital certifying that the person has an intellectual or mental disability.

This medical certificate may be either written or electronic.

It must be in a language the person can understand and contain the names and contact details of doctors who can prescribe a medical treatment.

The disability must also be verified by an independent health practitioner.

For more information, see Disability benefits.

If you need help finding out how much disability benefits you have, contact the Disability Benefits Helpline on 13 13.

To find out how to make a claim, visit the Disability benefits website.

How much disability benefit are there?

There are three types of disability benefit.

You can make a Disability Benefit claim: for an impairment or a physical impairment in the following ways: by filling in an application form at the Disability Benefit Information Centre (DBI) and submitting it to the Disability Payments Branch (DPB).

The disability will be assessed in accordance with the Disability Pay Scheme.

You must also provide supporting documentation such as copies of your health certificate and a doctor or other qualified person’s medical note or document.

For a further explanation of what you need to do to make your claim, see the Disability payments website.