A new pension scheme for the state is being introduced

The state government has introduced a new pension plan for the people of the state.

The new scheme will cover pension, retirement and insurance costs.

The plan will be introduced on September 17, with an emphasis on women.

People can apply online at the website www.welfare.gov.in or by post.

A woman can apply for a pension if she has two or more children, is married or widowed and is earning less than Rs 5,000 per month.

Pension for women under the scheme will be Rs 8,000 and the government will compensate the woman if she earns less than that amount.

The scheme is not expected to help all women.

While women in the urban and rural areas are entitled to a pension, women in rural areas need a subsidy of around Rs 20,000.

According to the Department of Human Resources and Employment, more than 3.2 crore women aged 50 and above are out of work and 1.3 crore women in this age group are unemployed.

Under the new scheme, the state will pay women Rs 1.65 lakh annually.

If the woman earns more than Rs 1 crore per year, she will be paid Rs 1 lakh per month and the amount will increase up to Rs 2 lakh per year.

Women aged 50-59 will be entitled to Rs 6,000, Rs 8.80 lakh, Rs 12.20 lakh and Rs 16 lakh annually respectively.

Women aged 60-69 will be eligible to a maximum pension of Rs 15 lakh annually, the government said.

For women aged 60 and above, the pension is capped at Rs 1,20,000 a year.

The state government said the new pension is being launched in order to provide more women with financial security.

It said the state government is looking into creating an online pension portal for the benefit of the people.